Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Florida College Camp - Part 1

I have been seeing so many posts on FaceBook about the upcoming Florida FC Camp and I must admit I am so JEALOUS!!!!  I have 2 nieces that will get dropped off this Sunday for 5 days of F-U-N!!!!  I know so many “big kids” that get to be counselors/workers and although it is a very tiring week I know that they have just as much fun, if not more, than the campers do!!

I attended the Ohio FC Camp for 9 years … I looked forward to it EVERY year!!  Back in those days you had to wait until you arrived at camp to find out who your counselor was, who was in your cabin, what society you were on and what “activities” you had been given for the week – sometimes the waiting was unbearable!!  Nowadays thanks to technology the campers find out everything before they arrive at camp; however I know that does not make their excitement any less!!  Camp was always extra special for me because there were not any other kids my age at the church I attended growing up.  I was baptized at camp – August 1987 - we had had a Bible study in the cabin and I knew it was time … it was late, it was dark BUT off we went to the swimming pool.

All the years I attended camp I heard the FC Friends talk about how wonderful “camp friendships” were and to just imagine how GREAT FC would be - this is something I never could fully comprehend until I went to FC!!  Words cannot even begin to describe the lasting friendships from both my camp years and my FC years. 

I am so thankful for all the encouragement to attend Florida College that was provided to me during my camp years.  I can’t imagine where I would be if I had not gone to FC … after all that is where I met the love of my life!! 

My prayer for ALL the Florida College Summer Camps – MOST ESPECIALLY THE FLORIDA FC CAMP- hey I have a vested interest there – is for a FUN SAFE week growing in God’s word, making lasting friendships (both for the campers AND the counselors/workers) and that same encouragement is given to attend Florida College for a life changing experience!!!!  I pray that my 2 nieces attending camp next week will enjoy EVERY moment just like their Aunt Amy did!!  I also pray that the Lord will bless me with an opportunity next year that will get my youngest niece (yes YOU Hayley Bug) and my nephew Jake to go to camp!!!!


  1. I remember those years as well and wish I would have followed all those people that told me to go to FC! My daughter is 1 of those nieces you are talking about and she is ever so excited... that's all I'm hearing about and she's ready to pack now! I'm so glad she is experiencing the wonderful things FC has to offer and the influences there are priceless. That would be great if you were a counselor next are a WONDERFUL Aunt and have so much fun with them! I love you.

  2. Yes I am super excited and cant wait. We are going to have the best time as usual. Whooooooo hooooo go ARETE this year111;)