Wednesday, September 7, 2011


When we bought our new house we delayed our move-in for a month so that we could paint the inside while it was empty.  Although I love a lot of color my man on the other hand is very plain and simple so we painted the entire living room/kitchen/dining area plain ol’ white.

The first room I wanted to add some color to was the laundry room –after all if I have to do laundry, which is one of my least favorite chores, I wanted to be able to do it in room I liked and enjoyed.   So during one of my MANY visits to Lowe’s I picked up several paper paint swatches and taped them to the wall so I could see “what they would look like”.  After a couple of days I picked out a color I was “in love with” (just for the record my amazing husband AKA “the painter” agreed on the color too) so off I went to Lowe’s to make the paint purchase.  I can remember my man painting that room – although I had a BIG SMILE on my face I was looking at the color and thinking “Oh my goodness … it looks like someone has thrown Pepto-Bismol on my wall”.  Of course I could not bring myself to say a word because I was “in love with the color” AND I know my man’s “love/hate relationship with painting” … he’s one of those perfectionist-kind-of-guys …. 
So here we are 1 year and 5 months later and I had all I could take of my Pepto-Bismol laundry room.  A couple of weeks ago when we were in Lowe’s I “casually wandered” over to the paint section and started picking out paper paint swatches again.  I narrowed down my “likes” to 4 paper paint swatches.  I picked out my favorite and my husband picked out his favorite and of course they were different.  This time I did not just use those paper paint swatches to make my decision - this time I knew about these little ditties – the best $3 you will EVER spend. 
Oh and by the way, my husband (and his momma), picked the winning color!! 
So Byron and I labored all weekend long on various house projects but most importantly transforming the laundry room from Pepto-Bismol Pink to Pomegranate Red.  I am so thankful for the MANY people we have had in our new home BUT why on earth didn’t someone tell us how horrible the laundry room looked??  At any rate we certainly appreciate the fact that nobody wanted to hurt our feelings!  One of the main reasons Byron and I fell in love with our house is because it is great for entertaining.  Along with the laundry room transformation this past weekend the outside got some transformations as well that will make our get-togethers nicer and more enjoyable.  With a list of projects completed and the cool air we are already excitedly planning a get-together ….
Here are some before and after pictures ....
Before - "Pepto-Bismol Pink" AKA Olympic "Coral Coast"

Before - "Pepto-Bismol Pink" AKA Olympic "Coral Coast"
(with the sample color painted)

After - "Pomegranate Red" AKA Valspar "Fabulous Red"

After - "Pomegranate Red" AKA Valspar "Fabulous Red"

After - "Pomegranate Red" AKA Valspar "Fabulous Red"

I tried my best to capture the "true colors" BUT the sun shines in our back door in the afternoons/evenings so it was hard to get a good picture without the glares from the sun. 

The first words out of my man's mouth were - "WOW that looks SO MUCH better!!"  He is such a trooper ... just one of the MANY reasons I love him so much!!!! 

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